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Safety Assessment of Siting Large Shale Gas Compressor Stations in Residential Neighborhoods in New York State 

This report shows how EHP's tools have been used to assess potential health impacts related to the ongoing expansion of shale gas pipeline infrastructure in New York.  Through our community partnerships, our air screening models, and recent research into New York's compressor station emissions, EHP has determined that there are direct and indirect health impacts associated with chemical emissions from these industrial sites and that surrounding communities experience extreme episodic exposures that are averaged out based on current federal air monitoring strategies. This an emerging public health threat for New York State communities; a problem that requires increased and on-going surveillance of air exposures and health impacts.

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Health Effects Associated with Stack Chemicals Emissions from NYS Natural Gas Compressor Stations 2008-2014

This original report, on which the above study is based, includes detailed maps and emissions data reported by pipeline operators in New York State.  This is the first time emissions data and health effects have been compiled together, raising questions about health impacts to residents in communities in proximity to these (Title V) compressor stations in New York State. The goal of the report is to raise awareness in these communities across the state regarding hazardous air emissions from these compressors. 

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